Bringing from field to fork


We provide leading solutions and services to Agriculture & Aquaculture...

Our employees are founded with necessary academic discipline, trained and skilled in the requirement of driving respective functional roles and responsibilities performing their best assistance to the company’s all-out stakeholders.

They are dedicated to helping farmers increase their income. They reach out to our farmers on their way-in way-out and, provide them with state of the art solutions and service programs.

Each individual believes that farmers need to be satisfied with a sustainable and viable environment to operate in.

They are in the field every day to make that happen.

Voiceover From Distributors

“Nafna business model is crystal clear and trustworthy. I enjoy working with Nafna as a distributor because Nafna solutions and services are the BEST in category market. Nafna business has topped-up my income and reputation in the community, I have been working with.”

Md. Abul Kalam Azad

Distributor, Nafna Biotech Limited
Shahpur Bazar, Dumuria, Khulna

“I am proud of being with Nafna as a Distributor of the company. Nafna solutions and services are so great in protecting my customers’ farm problems and restoring their piece of mind."

Md. Al Amin

Distributor, Nafna Biotech Limited
Haybatpur Bazar, Natore Sadar, Natore

Voiceover From Growers

“Nafna field team remains with me way-in-way-out raising my fish farms and agriculture crops with their innovative solutions and best practice services. I don’t worry about; I get them in my farms just on a phone call only”.

Md. Shawkat Ali (Bulbul)

Village: Pannapara
Post Office: Rustompur
Thana: Charghat
District: Rajshahi

“I use Nafna products in my crop fields and fish farms end-to-end.

My experience is- Nafna products are outperforming over other traditional products, I have used ever before”.

Md. Saiful Islam

Village: Bariahati
Post Office: Pirgacha Bazar
Thana: Noldanga
District: Natore

“Using Nafna products I have got better farm protection and production resulting my income higher and leading my life-style better”.

Bijan Mondol

Village : Guadhana Bazar
Thana : Tangipara
District : Gopalgonj